icone de chapéu nordestino

Known for its colorful presentation, variety and flavor, the northeastern cuisine has its roots in the colonization period, when the first Portuguese settlers arrived.

The mix of scents, variety of food (fruits, fish, meat), along with the “northeastoriginality”, presented the Portuguese what makes this regional cuisine so different.

The place was first located in the most bohemian district of Rio de Janeiro: Vila Isabel, and was nicely welcome by Noel’s* friends. Initially the menu offered nine dishes from northeastern states, keeping its originality, but with a “oxente” plus: The Estação Baião de Dois signature. The restaurant quickly established its quality, serving, flavor and decoration.

After six years of the mixture of “arrasta pé** and samba”, Estação Baião de Dois takes part in a project to transform the São Cristovão Pavilion into a Center of the Northeastern Tradition. Therefore, in 2003, Estação Baião de Dois becomes part of the biggest Northeastern Cultural and Gastronomic Pole in Rio de Janeiro.

Still searching around the vast area of 1.561.177,8 Km2 (Northeast Region extension – 602.771,81 mi2) for the art, diversity, creativity and humor, Estação Baião de Dois stands as the best restaurant of Northeastern food in Rio de Janeiro.

A Scent,

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